Liberty London

I was approached by &Smith to design a range of jams for Liberty London in 2017, using my floral collage style to create unique and standout products. The brief was very interesting as I was tasked with looking into the history of 'Rosebud Preserves', a small family run business from Yorkshire, England who create the amazing jams.


This was a fantastic opportunity for me as it allowed me to create designs that were personal to Rosebud and their family history, using their old family photos and Yorkshire based imagery to create the basis of the designs. Each flavour is represented by a certain colour, and each pot of jam incorporates a fruit somewhere in the design linking to each flavour. Many thanks to &Smith, Liberty London & Rosebud Preserves for letting me be apart of this amazing brief.

Ross From Friends

(This is Music LTD)

I worked with Ross From Friends (well known music producer, based in London) to create a poster and merchandise for two of his live shows in Manchester & London. The main focus of the designs was to be eye catching yet minimal, using negative space to draw attention to the main focal points. I also created an online store to sell the merchandise from, with the same minimal approach.


Urban Outfitters

I was approached by Urban Outfitters to design a 6 piece summer collection, with the theme being 'Emotions'. I created a range of 'face' graphics which portrayed various feelings from sadness to happiness, which enabled me to produce a full range of designs. This brief allowed me to deeply explore the subject of human emotion, and create very unique designs that are all hand drawn. This collection will be featured in over 30 Urban Outfitters stores in the UK and EU.


Impossible Conversations

'Impossible Conversations' is my own clothing brand that I have been working on since 2014. I design around 4 collections per year, with each collection featuring around 30 pieces of clothing. Creating this brand has strengthened all of my graphic skills, as I produce everything myself. Logo, print and graphic design, mailing lists, photography, videography, web design, social media management and business management are all things that I work on, enabling me to constantly better myself at each individual skill.


The Lotus Root

I created an entire multi-media package for my girlfriends vegan food business 'The Lotus Root', creating a logo, business cards, brochures, mailing lists, signage, website, stall, social media pages, photographs and marketing strategies. The main focus was to create a clean and modern identity, fitting with the clean and healthy food that The Lotus Root produces.


Lendrum Fine Art

I was approached by Lendrum Fine Art to produce a graphic piece for the interior of 500 rooms in their Los Angeles based hotel. They wanted an eye catching framed design which worked with the aesthetic of the rooms, which I utilised my digital collage style for. It was a joy to work with a client with such an amazing vision, and we were able to work together to produce a piece that we were both very pleased with.



I worked with Manchester based paint company 'PaintSupply' a few years ago, creating some printed material for them. They wanted a brochure and business card made, with a very minimal and clean approach to the design. We were both very pleased with the final designs, using minimalism to stand out from other companies' brochures.


Cart to Camp

I worked with festival trolley hire service 'Cart to Camp', to provide them with a multimedia package and to create them an identity. For this brief I produced a logo, website, signage, forms, mailing lists, photographs and social media pages. I wanted to keep the 'festival' image consistent in this brief, using hand drawn typefaces and bright colours to create a more organic feel for the brand.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 13.51.16.png

NYLON Magazine

I was approached by NYLON Magazine Korea to be featured in their design column, showcasing some of my collages that I have made over the past few years, it was an incredible experience to be featured in such a popular magazine.